Considered, crafted & liveable architecture


Field of Poppies

  Suzanne was commissioned by KDPR for Grand Central Hotel to do this commemorative installation for Anzac day. School children from West End State School, Sommerville House, Ambrose Treacy, Brisbane… Read More →

Sculpture by Sea

  Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea in Perth is an esteemed international Sculpture exhibition.  A colourful trio of fibreglass skittles were accepted for exhibition in March 2013. Suzanne and Sarah… Read More →

Mad Dance House

Olivia Akl in association with Bosanquet Foley Architects. Concept and project instigation by BFA. Fabrication and developed design by Olivia Akl. In Late 2012, BFA approached MAD Dance House director,… Read More →


Designed and Installed by Alice LTM Hampson, Sheona Thomson, Sebastian DiMauro and Sarah Foley.