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Grange Project

The existing house was perhaps the ugliest in the street. It had been made “low maintenance” – this include removing all timber windows and replacing them with low grade aluminium sliders, covering the timber weatherboards with an aluminium replica, covering the existing 80 year old corrugated tin roof with plastic look-alike brown tiles. The kitchen was the original 1930s hutch and external stove alcove. The toilet room was added in the ‘70’s.

The renovation was done to a tight budget. The existing floor plan was re organised to create a breezeway that could be moderated dependant on the time of year. The front entry and verandah were articulated to provide both a secure front and an extension of the small living area. It allowed the rest of the house to be opened up securely to breathe in the north easterly breezes. A new bathroom with lots of storage was spatially efficient given the small dimensions of the existing house. The bathroom worked as an ensuite as well as the powder room for visitors. The new kitchen was done for under $3000 with prefabricated joinery.

The bath house located beneath the upper deck is very basic construction. Single skin, exposed timber studs internally, a corrugated ceiling and opening decking. The wall beside the bath was all glazed with translucent glass allowing the bather to open up slots to view the tropical surrounds with complete privacy despite neighbouring houses being metres away.

Stage 2 – Downstiars
Builder: Steve Pyle of Alpine Constructions
Cost: $45,000 (2004)

Stage 1 – Raise & Upstairs
Builder: Graham Dick
Cost: $112,000 (2001)