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Williams House

The site is a corner block with two street frontages both with different locality addresses, ie suburbs. The house is typical pre 1930s timber and tin Queenslander with a square plan and central corridor. The existing small rear verandah that had been enclosed and a ‘lean to’ bathroom had been added in the late 60s.

The main idea behind this renovation, apart from opening up the traditional plan, was to change how people approached the house. This was achieved by creating a lantern at the rear of the house. The lantern is the entry stairwell and successfully redirects visitors from the traditional entry verandah, which is now treated as a rear deck.

A cantilevered rear deck was added to the existing footprint and flows on from the repositioned kitchen. The skillion roof that points north, acts as a ‘wind catcher’, catching the favourable north easterly breezes, pushing them down and thru the deck. At night, the aperture opens up a framed view of the night sky allowing the moonlight and stars to attend dinner. The built in furniture enables the deck to function well given its dimensions of 3 x 4m. The built in seat alcove allows for day time naps as well as seating 3-4 people. The built in BBQ is connected to the main gas supply.

This renovation is Stage One of a three stage master plan that was set in place at the concept design stage. Stage Two is to build a carport to provide two off street car parks, and Stage 3 is to build under adding two more bedrooms and a rumpus room.

Builder: Glen Williams
Stage One cost: $80,000 (2002)